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80,000 words, adult fiction, psychological, supernatural dark fiction novel by jack Vondell


Dr. Biletta Shadliker is a demon driven audiologist with a silent history of abusively  experimenting on her cochlear implant patients in her quest to discover a use of the hearing devices for mind control. Part of a secret occult group pursuing control of the southeastern hearing industry, she practice at Cardenville ENT Clinic, housed in an 1827 historic preservation building that resembles a small Gothic fortress in a Florida city.  Senior Jackson Radcliffe falls under her care as a new cochlear implant user. Jack is a recording studio owner and audio engineer with a superb audio brain that Shadliker views a perfect guinea pig. He quickly senses something amiss with the doctor. With his studio partner, Wendy Wilder, they struggle for months to learn the implant technology in order to make Shadliker get his hearing corrected while the doctor, knowing she can no longer fool Jack, works against him. Things turn grisly when the demonic regional supervisor, fearing a full blown exposure, tells Shadliker’s spirit guide, Nabuzel, to kill Jack Radcliffe.

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