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VIDEO - Oct 8, 2015 - Ken Davies' God The Artist Of Creation was performed by the Malone University Chamber Choir under Dr. Jon Peterson at the Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers held at Malone University, Canton, Ohio and hosted by Dr. Jesse Ayers. Each year, a hosting Christian university selects from works submitted by member composers and prepares concerts of chosen works. The members, many of whom are university professors of composition, are professional composers of art music and symphonic music, as opposed to writers of worship choruses or "contemporary Christian" radio music.

The Text

The immense expanse of heaven expounds the eminence and glory of our God,
The range of which our rockets cannot reach;
His speech, alone, sufficient to sustain the sculptured sun and stars, we laud
The sights and source our science seeks, though cannot teach,
The essence of this mighty force; the Source on whom all strength depends,
Our Elohim, whose eloquent, creative art transcends.
The beauty of the earth declares divine aesthetic revelation.
We raise our hymn of grateful praise to God, the Artist of Creation.

The massive mountains magnify His view of hue and texture, shadow, light 
Under gliding clouds across the skies.
As we look to see beyond the stars for mystic links to sense and sight
And knowledge, let us also see to look behind our eyes.
His art must have an audience immersed in full complete devotion,
Mimicking the oceans in their light-reflecting motion.
Abruptly breaking waves, awash with contrapuntal variation,
Raise their songs of surging praise to God, the Artist of Creation.

History of the work

This work for SATB Choir and organ was written in 1998 when Denver, Colorado's St. Barnabas Episcopal Church Choir director Mary Erikson and organist Jim Hill received a grant from the American Guild of Organists (AGO) to commission a new work to be performed during the time that the AGO was holding their national convention in Denver. The AGO had a theme for the convention. It was "the beauty of creation." That year, St. Barnabas Choir issued a CD which contained this work.

In keeping with that theme, Ken created a text and music that plays off both artistic and theological language. Such art and alliterative poetry references as "sculptured sun and stars," the visual "light-reflecting motion," and the musical "abruptly breaking waves awash with contrapuntal variation" as the surrounding music is itself repeated contrapuntal waves of voices emphasize the work of God as a master artist of His creation.

Because this was an organists convention, Ken created a prominent organ part which is more than an accompaniment. It is intended to be heard as a tapestry that weaves its way through the choral voices, a counterpoint of organ and choir.

Sheet music for this work is available for purchase through paypal at

The work was also selected for performance in October 2009 by the Clark College Choir at the Society Of Composers new music festival at Clark College (now Clark University) in Dubuque, Iowa.