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Note on Orchestral Instrumentation: Strings 88555 means number of parts for each of violin 1, violin 2, viola, violoncello, contrabass.

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KD 800-R - Rental only
Score / Parts 88555

Purchase score ONLY
(size 8.5x11, 24 page)s
Strings Ablaze - string orchestra (2010) - Duration 5:13, score 24 pp.
Open your concert with this short ride on a fast grooving string machine. First performance by Jooyong Ahn and the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra February 2014 at the Southeastern Composers' League Forum and Festival. In 2016 the work was selected a winner of New York City's Composers' Concordance Generations Concert Orchestral Call For Scores.
RENTAL score and parts are printed at 10x13 on heavy stock. Specify string parts needs. Full performance demo on request. An 8.5x11 size score only may be purchased.
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KD 800-HS
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Strings Ablaze - High School Edition of the above work. Recommended for youth orchestras. Score is 24 pages.
Strong opener for your concert. Strings Ablaze was featured at the 2016 Society of Composers Conference and Festival at Friends University, Wichita, Kansas where Eric Crawford conducted the extraordinary Wichita High School East Philharmonic Orchestra in a well-received outstanding memorable performance.

PDF score and license to print parts up to 88555.
Printed score and set of parts 88555 printed 8.5x11.
Printed music is sized 8.5 by 11 on heavy stock. Parts are 3-4 pages each.

Printed sets will be sent by postal mail and include a shipping charge per order. PDF sets are emailed to you. If the files are too large, a download link will be emailed to you. For copyright security, 1) PDF music will show your name at the bottom with the date of purchase, and/or 2) PDF music files may be password protected and you will be given the passwords.


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