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KD 500
City of God - organ & treble solo instrument -  (2007) - duration 3 minutes. Intermediate organ and instrument. Commissioned by Earl Turner. First performance by Earl Turner, trumpet, and David Harrison, organ, November 2008 at First Presbyterian Church, Pascagoula, Mississippi.
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KD 402
Violalina - viola alone - by Ken Davies (2010) - duration c. 3:16. First performance Feb 2015 by Yan Mao at the College Music Society Southern Conference at Mississippi University for Women in Columbus.

KD 505
PDF or Print
Read Alto Clef Now - 14 etudes for viola switching from violin - (2012) 16 pages - for upper high school to early college - range C2 to Bb4 - paced well to progressively cover all key signatures and several meter/time signatures - focuses on learning notes without complex rhythms or techniques. 

CELLO violoncello

KD 504
PDF or Print
Read Tenor Clef Now - 15 etudes for cello or double bass by Ken Davies - (2012) 16 pages - for upper high school to early college -  range G2 to Bb4 - paced to progressively cover all key signatures and several meter/time signatures along with some double sharps and double flats - focuses on learning notes without complex rhythms or techniques.  View pdf   
KD 420
PDF or Print
Escape from the Matrix - violoncello & piano - by Ken Davies (2007)  Duration 12:30 -  College/pro level recital work - range of D2 to C5- score 26 pages.  Three movements, "Matrix," "Lovesong," "Escape."  This is an accessible recital piece for all audiences.  420X.mp3



KD 800
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Strings Ablaze - string orchestra - (2010) - Duration 5:13 - score 24 pages - First performance by Jooyong Ahn and the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga Orchestra February 2014 at the Southeastern Composers' League Forum and Festival. Winner of the 2016 NYC Composers' Concordance Generations orchestral competition. Featured performance by Eric L. Crawford and the Wichita (KS) High School East Philharmonic Orchestra at the Society of Composers new music festival February 2016 at Friends University, Wichita.
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STRINGS in mixed ensembles

KD 514
Cityscapes - violin, cello, piano, flute, trumpet - 2018 - duration c. 10 minutes. Five vignettes, impressions of five cities: 1) Atlanta, Georgia, 2) Madison, Wisconsin, 3) Paris, France, 4) Lucerne, Switzerland, 5) Telluride, Colorado. 514X.mp3

KD 502
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Atlanta Variations - violin, viola, cello, piano, oboe (as "vln 1) - Duration 4:12. College/pro level recital work. Written as a contest piece where the instrumentation and form (theme and variation) were specified. The variations are quite free, seeming to take on a life and form of their own.

KD 404
PDF or Print
Music for a New Home - violin, viola, cello, piano - 2010  - Duration 7:43 - score 22 pages. This piece was a housewarming gift for friends. They were going to give a party and a concert when they moved into their new house. But their house sale fell through and they moved away to another job and another town.



KD 401
PDF or Print
Two Songs for Dan for Appalachian mountain dulcimer - by Ken Davies (2008) - duration c. 4:00.  "Wisconsin Prelude" and "East Troy Gigue". Intermediate/advanced for teaching or recital. D-A-D tuning. Notes and tablature.  401aX.mp3


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