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Digital Audio
Digital Performer 5.1
Pro-Tools compatible
Kurzweil 2600 keyboard/module
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MOTU midi timepiece AV
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National Endowment of the Arts (NEA)
2006-07 MAC
Performing Arts Fellow (composition)

Mississippi Arts Commission
Southern Artistry Award Emblem

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Music Services

Music Writing: composing - arranging - orchestrating - music preparation - music copying, transcribing, making song leadsheets from audio sources, engraving, editing for performance or publication (example). Small works, large works, choral, orchestral, big band, theater.

Digital Audio: electronic production - sound design - faux instrumental demos - format conversions - video underscoring - advertising music, jingles, sound logos and signatures.

  • Transfers from tape/LP to CD
  • Arrangements/tracks for singers
  • Talking Book Recording
  • Music for Video
  • Music for web / internet
  • Music editing for Beauty Pageants, Exercise, Body Builders
  • Original Advertising Jingles
  • Lead Sheets from your CD or sound file
  • Music Scoring

Consulting and Workshops: music business issues; musico-legal documents and expert witness services for attorneys  (copyright litigation, etc.). 

For info/estimates on your proposed project, email me at ken @ 

For information on commissioning new original concert music, go to the commissions page.

Ken Davies Music studio

I have written professionally in most of the areas of commercial music including songwriting, setting music to lyrics, arranging, demo and master recording (both electronic and in studios with live musicians and singers), theater, television, records, radio and the web. I have also prepared copyright litigation musical material for attorneys and served as expert witness at the federal court level.

Audio Examples

Here are some mp3 samples of instrumental composing - arranging -  electronic orchestration in a variety of classical and pop styles. Please wait for downloads.

Corporate Music (mp3, 60 sec)
for a 60 second video montage of company products beginning with a 5 second sting as the company logo "flies" onto the screen.

Film Music Montage (mp3, 3:27)
some cues, scene beds, credit rolls run consecutively from a documentary about a tropical city.

Orchestra & Instruments (mp3, 5:58)
A sequence of excepts from works I composed featuring various orchestral and solo instruments, in addition to examples of my composing/arranging, these are also examples of my digital audio production work without the use of live musicians.

  1. orchestra - as might be used for the opening of a news broadcast (from News Opener) 
  2. flute & electronics - modern concert/recital music using electronic sounds (from Soufriere)
  3. french horn - accompanied by electronic nu age type soundtrack (from Waterscape)
  4. solo piano - recital/concert music (from Sapphire Kaleidoscope 3rd mvt)
  5. english horn & electronics - modern concert/recital music using electronic sounds (from Dark River)
  6. trombone quartet - (from Quatandre)
  7. classical string quartet - 18th century style
  8. church organ - (from Wedding Processional)

Piano Concerto with Orchestra (mp3, 2:15)
Reorchestration and electronically generated recording of a work by another composer.

Organ and Brass Quintet (mp3, 1:30)
My composition in a neo-baroque style "performed in a cathedral."

Listen to more mp3 work samples on the Kenvad Sheet Music, and the Kenvad popular style Songs pages.


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